About the Illustrator

Hannah Dautel_illustratorHannah’s artistic adventures began in first grade when she would doodle horses on her schoolwork pages. Since then, her abilities have expanded to include many forms: pen-and-ink cartoons, portraits in pencil, and of course, iPad rabbits.

Largely self-taught, most of her instruction has come from books on artists such as Joshua Reynolds, N. C. Wyeth, and Norman Rockwell. Hannah is fascinated by shading techniques, and enjoys studying how the great masters could capture light on paper or canvas. She finds inspiration through many mediums: historical periods, landscapes, music, and books.

Aside from her artwork, Hannah enjoys playing the piano, practicing her penmanship, and studying Hobbit life, though she has yet to find any in Southern California. Hannah collects rabbit art on anything from greeting cards to dishes, but someday would like to own a white Flemish Giant, and call him Ajax.

Visit Hannah’s online portfolio at HDillustration.wordpress.com.

Some of Hannah’s other art styles…


Church       floral-still-life_hed



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