Released November 11th, 2016 from Woodley Books…


Cover - frontAjax was born with a sword in hand. He dreams of being a valiant warrior, but tragedy strikes. It is perseverance alone that will bring Ajax through his darkest hours.

Ajax Bound for Glory is a children’s picture book inspired by the ideas of honorable service, perseverance through adversity, and success despite disaster. With a sprightly rabbit in a starring role, this story explores the reaction to disappointment in a proactive way. Its daring content — a training accident that results in major injury — is presented in a light and reassuring way that children of all ages can appreciate.

“A heartfelt message of patriotism, perseverance, and hope…I love this book!”
Eric Blehm, New York Times Bestselling Author of Fearless, Legend, and The Only Thing Worth Dying For

“An inspiring story of patriotism for the youngest reader.”
David Venditta, author of Tragedy at Chu Lai

Sarah and Hannah DautelSisters Sarah and Hannah Dautel bring mature topics down to a child’s level in this one-of-a-kind picture book. Participating in the grand tradition of rabbit stories for children — from Peter Rabbit to Watership Down — they portray a brave young warrior who is injured as he trains to be a soldier. The profound message of the story is offset with gentle humor and realistic detail.