About the Author

Sarah Dautel_author 2A young teenager when 9/11 struck, Sarah was indelibly impressed by our nation’s fighting forces. Growing up in a military town presented her with opportunities to support local and deployed service members, but ultimately she wanted to reach out to these families in a more personal way. Little did she realize that the opportunity would come through a children’s book—her own.

Sarah came to writing through music. An accomplished violinist and music aficionado, it was no surprise that the idea behind Ajax sprung during a concert by the 1st Marine Division Band. Using music as her medium and a spunky rabbit as the star, Sarah was inspired to chronicle the pleasures and perils of military service in a way that children could appreciate.

A woman of many interests, Sarah has always embraced an active approach to learning. She is an NRA qualified marksman, an English country inspired gardener, and a self-studied fashion historian who likes to dress up. Sarah resides in Southern California, where she delights in the coastal atmosphere and unique culture of local beach towns.